Hazel Engine

Hazel is a 2D and 3D Game Engine currently in development, made with education and simplicity in mind.

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Why make a game engine?

We get this question a lot. There are many game engines out there that have been developed for decades by huge teams, and on top of that are extremely affordable. Are you really trying to compete with them? The answer is no.

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Hazel is currently heavily in development, and comes in two flavors:
The Complete Engine


This is the complete version of Hazel, featuring everything our technology has to offer. The goal with this version is create a 3D engine capable of being used for visualization, art, and commercial quality 3D games. Entirely funded by Patrons, you'll need to support on Patreon to get access.

Keep up with the dev logs on YouTube.

Free & Educational

Hazel 2D

Hazel 2D is the Game Engine series version of the engine: every line of code is written and explained on YouTube. This is how Hazel began - as a video tutorial series on how to make a game engine. As the name implies, the scope of this engine is limited to (mostly) 2D content. The code is freely available on GitHub for everyone and may be used for educational and commercial purposes.